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The 10 Best Fictional Books on Loneliness

Since a young age, when I felt alone and found myself without friends and companionship, I turned to fictional books. They were my constant solace as they depicted feelings of loneliness, alienation, and isolation.

It was cathartic for me to be represented in these books although they made me sad, cry, and heart broken!

I have read many fictional books on loneliness and I’ve decided to compile a list of the 10 best fictional books on loneliness for you to read and feel seen too. 💕

12 Classics I Want to Read in 2021

Every year, I challenge myself to read at least 12 classics – one for every month.

I find that when I am out of school and university, it is harder for me to gravitate towards older literature and classics because they can be challenging at times. Sometimes, they are also much longer reads.

However, this does not lessen my love for classics and my desire to read them.

Hence, accumulating a list of classics that I absolutely want to read before other books every year.

15 Romance Books for Valentine’s Day

These books have romance and more precisely couples at its centre but it would be very reductive to say that these books are only romances. Especially since many of these books deal with other topics. ❤️

Some are lighthearted and sweet while others are heavyhearted and even sour, riddled with grief, loss, and other hard hitting themes.

In this list I’ve combined 5 romance series as well as 10 standalone books to get you in the romantic mood for Valentine’s Day. 😘