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How to Actually be Productive at Home (4 Easy Tricks for Everyone)

Being productive at home can be hard! Thankfully, there are so many tips and tricks out there to ensure your well-being and to boost your productivity while you are at home. 

Whether you are trying to study, working from home, or accomplishing other tasks such as writing a novel or completing a research project, these tricks will help you get by!

How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated (7 Steps You Need to Take)

Getting over someone you never dated is admittedly very hard. It’s largely due to the fact that the relationship hangs in that in-between state of not really having a beginning nor an ending.

The worse is wondering why you weren’t enough or why they didn’t like you enough to pursue things further…. But the truth is… most times it’s not about you at all.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want (5 Tips)

Since this post is about how to use the law of attraction to get what you want, I won’t be going into the details in this post about the different Laws of Attraction. My point – to illustrate in this post – is to demonstrate how you can use the LOA (Law of Attraction) to obtain the things you truly want. 

I want to walk you through the simplified definition of the Law of Attraction, its cognitive benefits as well as it’s commonly referenced books. I’d also like to briefly offer you my personal experience before jumping into the 5 tips on how to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want!